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Steve Oliver

Did you know?

Founding member of the band, Steve is the driving force behind Come Together, juggling singing and rhythm guitar with managing the band. Well known in the Worcester area for his community spirit, generosity and commitment to ending world pover...oh wait, that's someone else. Ignore that last sentence.

Steve didn't pick up a guitar until he was 21. He put it down again the following week. Despite countless disappointments, Steve has never given up his quest to learn a 4th chord!

Paul Hart

Did you know?

Paul has been playing guitar since he was a wee 7 year old boy, becoming totally obsessed with 6 strings ever since he heard Van Halen's 'Eruption'! These days his obsession has moved on to the aquisition of silly amounts of guitar gear which is why he is always the last one to offer to buy a round!

Paul is the youngest member of Come Together as he likes to remind everyone. I mean all the time FFS! Give it up already!!

Pete Meredith

Did you know?

Bass playing Pete was dropped from the school choir because he couldn't sing. The music teacher banned him from the music room on account of being tone deaf. No band would have him until in 2009, Pete was just what Come Together were looking for.

Pete once streaked round Lytham Windmill. We are not sure but we think this might be a euphemism for something else.

Jason Hart

Did you know?

Jason is the kingpin of the band, keeping things tight at the back. Very tight. Jase has to look after our virtual keyboard player, Eric who is very demanding!

Steve and Jase share many things (stop it!) including the same day job, where they met over ten years ago; the rest is history! But not interesting history like the Saxons and the Normans and all that stuff.

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