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Welcome to the All New Come Together Website

Well after months and months of focus groups, online surveys, band meetings, meetings with designers, meetings with caterers, meetings for the sake of meetings, we finally have an all new website! Woo hoo!!

What does this mean for you, the loyal follower of Worcester's best covers band (I am referring to Come Together here by the way), well it means you have a one-stop-shop for all you need to know about these four plucky lads from Worcester (technically one of us is from Leominster but personally I think that's a made up place like Narnia, or Middle Earth or Upton Snodsbury).

We will be constantly updating these sacred pages with information on upcoming public shows, new photos, new videos and in this very section here, any interesting news in relation to the band (new births, new haircuts, new shoes etc) and maybe even some interesting thoughts generated by our expansive minds and written down using our tiny hands!

So before you read on, add us to your favourites right now and if you haven't all ready, like our Facebook page as well (

Signing off for now!


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